An offshore graphic studio providing clipping path, photoshop masking, drop shadow, retouching, raster to vector and other image manipulation services.
Your benefits
  • Low cost service
  • No payment required before completion
  • Quick turnaround
  • 24 hours customer support
  • All types of photo treatment service available
Why choose Clipping service usa?
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  • You send your unedited images
  • We work on them without any payment
  • We return you the edited images
  • You see the quality
Payment System
  • We are PayPal Approved.our Payment System weekly and monthly payment options. If you need many image manipulation jobs done during the month, you may be eligible for our rolling accounts 1.Get a personal online account. 2.Pay biweekly or monthly.


Creative Clipping Path Adept:

Creative Clipping Path Adept is an outsourcing graphic design farm providing clipping path service, background remove, image cutout, image masking service, image manipulation service, Photo Retouching Service , photo editing service , web development, SEO Service , etc. The completion of clipping paths with low labor cost makes us located our production platform in Asia. Our experienced and well manage team of Photoshop experts has a capacity to manage an over whelming number of images each day. We provide excellent quality of clipping path service at very low cost.

Due to the improvement in technology, online base marketing becomes rapidly popular day by day. The competition has boosted in every field especially in the product advertising and selling firms that needs to frequently advertise their products so as increase their sales. Basically, firms need continuous advertisement of their products or services to boost their sales plan. It is essential to display the images of business products properly on catalogs, flyers, brochures and magazine posters. 

We are working around the clock, 24/7,not only to provide top quality support, but whenever you need us, we'll be here ready to help you!
Creative Clipping Path Adept(ccpa)is a team of most skilled and creative graphics designers. Our people have average more than 5 years of experiences in this graphics industry. Many of our individual graphics artists have owned graphics design completion in 99designs, Elance, Freelancer, etc. All of them have Diploma and higher technical knowledge on professional graphics designs.