An offshore graphic studio providing clipping path, photoshop masking, drop shadow, retouching, raster to vector and other image manipulation services.
Your benefits
  • Low cost service
  • No payment required before completion
  • Quick turnaround
  • 24 hours customer support
  • All types of photo treatment service available
Why choose Clipping service usa?
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  • You send your unedited images
  • We work on them without any payment
  • We return you the edited images
  • You see the quality
Payment System
  • We are PayPal Approved.our Payment System weekly and monthly payment options. If you need many image manipulation jobs done during the month, you may be eligible for our rolling accounts 1.Get a personal online account. 2.Pay biweekly or monthly.

    Clipping path is a vectored path that outlines a shape or image allowing you separate and remove the image within the path from it background.
    We have tried our best to setup an easy and flexible upload/ download method. So, you can send and receive your images this ways . FTP account: If you are familiar with FTP, just send a request for an FTP account and we will create it for you within an hour. You can also use your own FTP account if you have any. In such case simply let us know your login details and we will collect your images automatically, whatever the balk size are because We use the server with unlimited disc space and your account or FTP is set to unlimited as well. So, you can upload any amount of file/ file size you want. Others: We transfer
    We accept any type of file. It could be JPG, TIFF, or PSD Pictures, we recommend that you should send JPG file if it is okay with your end requirement, but of course this is entirely up to you.
    Yes, you can rest assured. We create individual FTP accounts for every single customer with unique username and password.
    Your completed is saved on our secure server in folder labeled with the name or company name that you signed up. Original file are stored on the out databases for a no more than 60 days due the size of files being uploaded and download
    It depends on your requirement. We provide any kind of format you ask.
    Total working time what an expert hand requires to complete the whole work.
    You don't need to pay before your job is finished. You pay once you receive the completed images and are happy with the quality.
    Once a batch of work is completed, we send you an invoice (if needed). We accept payment through PayPal so you can pay with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. You can also transfer money to our bank account.
    We are open 24 hours a day, from Monday 7 am till Sunday 7 am. Try us!
    Yes, if you send us regular work, we don't ask you to pay on every job, instead you can pay monthly. In that case we maintain just one invoice with all the different job details. Each time you place an order, we make an entry to the invoice with all its details including date, batch number, quantity, job description, price etc. So when you make a payment, you can take a look at the invoice to see weather everything is okay. In this case we prefer bank account.
    At Creative Clipping Path Adept (CCPA) we deal with your images very carefully with highly skilled design professionals and we do not expect this to happen again. However, in the unfortunate event just drop us an email and we will take that very seriously to redo as soon as possible. Obviously redo a job is absolutely FREE...!!
    You can apply for free or trial offer. We will make some samples in favor of your requirements. If you have anything more query Please Email us at
We are working around the clock, 24/7,not only to provide top quality support, but whenever you need us, we'll be here ready to help you!
Creative Clipping Path Adept(ccpa)is a team of most skilled and creative graphics designers. Our people have average more than 5 years of experiences in this graphics industry. Many of our individual graphics artists have owned graphics design completion in 99designs, Elance, Freelancer, etc. All of them have Diploma and higher technical knowledge on professional graphics designs.